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September 26, 2012

Round Lake ISD #516 Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Meeting held in Brewster. Chairperson Pam Wendland called the Round Lake ISD 516 Special School Board meeting to order on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 at 6:37 PM. Roll call was taken and a quorum was declared. Members present: Ronda Sammons, Pam Wendland, Diane Larson, Jenny Ellenbecker, Brian Bosma, Brenda Stanton. Also present: Principal Ray Hassing, Superintendent Corny Smit and Jeanette Proehl. Members absent: None. Motion by Larson, second by Ellenbecker to approve agenda. All in favor. Members Stanton introduced the following resolution and moved its Adoption: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the Cooperating School Districts of Round Lake School District, I.S.D. No. 516, and Brewster, I.S.D. No. 513, are separate and independent school districts; WHEREAS, I.S.D. No. 516 is located in the town of Round Lake, Minnesota, which has a population of 766 people and an attendance area of 63.410 square miles, and I.S.D. No. 513 is located in the town of Brewster, Minnesota, which has a population of 915 people and an attendance area of 76.890 square miles; WHEREAS, the two independent school districts have indicated their intent to pursue consolidation of the two school districts; WHEREAS, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes Section 123A.48, subdivision 2, the cooperating school districts adopt this Resolution to memorialize their intent to consolidate the two independent school districts; WHEREAS, no bonded debt, capital or energy loan, or down payment levy obligations remain, but if discovered will remain the obligation of each pre-existing district’s taxpayers; WHEREAS, current operating levy referendum revenues of $1,5000.00) fifteen hundred dollars per pupil unit existing in both School Districts will be combined, recalculated, and continued at the same or reduced level in the newly consolidated district, or discontinued. The levy will be levied against the market value of the new district. The operating levies will assume the duration of the levy with the longest duration which are the same in both School Districts. The new district may not raise any more operating levy revenues than the combined revenue without a further referendum [Minn. Stat.§ 123A.73, subdivisions 4-7]; WHEREAS, Operational debt as of June 30 of the year prior to July 1 of the effective date of the consolidation will remain an obligation of each pre-existing district’s taxpayers, or whether any existing operational debt will become an obligation of all the taxpayers in the newly consolidated district using an operational debt levy made over five years [Minn.Stat. § 123A.73, sub.9]; Note: No operational debt will exist because the existing Cooperative Pairing Agreement has procedures for insuring that none exist by adjustment of the tuition rates. WHEREAS, the new school board will consist of six members elected at large; and NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the School Boards of the Cooperating School Districts of Round Lake and Brewster hereby memorialize their intent to consolidate the two independent school districts into one unified, independent school district. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Round Lake and Brewster School Boards adopt the attached Orderly Reduction Plan by passing this Resolution and direct that it be submitted to the Secretary of State for review and comment pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 123A.48, subdivision 4. The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Larson and vote being taken thereon, the following voted thereof: Wendland, Sammons, Stanton, Bosma, Ellenbecker and the following voted against the same: None. Whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted. Motion by Wendland, second by Bosma, to Authorize the Superintendent to Submit letter providing for the Orderly Reduction Plan for a Consolidated District School Board. All in Favor. Earlier at the joint meeting: A coin toss was held, Round Lake called tails, and won the toss and elected to be the Even School District and Brewster will be the Odd district, board members names were drawn in order of re-election years and placed on a reduction schedule. Motion by Ellenbecker, second by Wendland to adjourn at 6:30 PM. Respectfully submitted by: Ronda Sammons Clerk, Round Lake ISD 516 School Board

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