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September 26, 2012

In the Matter of the Redetermination of Benefits of Jackson County Judicial Ditch No. 30
Whereas, The Jackson County Drainage Authority, has appointed viewers to redetermine the benefits and damages for the aforementioned drainage system as originally constructed and subsequent improved, and whereas, the Viewers Report for the Redetermination of Benefits has been filed with the County Auditor, NOW, THEREFORE, Notice is hereby given that the Drainage Authority will hear public comment on the acceptance of the redetermination of benefits at the Community Room in the Jackson Resource Center in Jackson, Minnesota on September 25, 2012 at 9:15 a.m. All persons interested in the redetermination of benefits wanting to be heard should appear at this time. If accepted, the redetermined benefits will replace those now being used and all future maintenance expenses will be assessed based upon the redetermined benefits. The drainage system affects properties within Sections 7, 8, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, and 30 in Heron Lake Township all within Jackson County. The names of the individuals affected are: ALBERT & MARIANNE BURMEISTER, ANGELA BOYENGA, ANTON REDER, ARMOND & NANCY DORSCHNER, BARBARA SMITH, BRAD & ANGELA ROSSOW, CLYDE DABERKOW TRUST, DALE TAUER, DARVIN & MARJEAN OELKE, DAVID & GAIL ZISHKA, DAVID C & CAROLYN HANSEN, DENNIS & JUNE DABERKOW, DENNIS DABERKOW, DIANNE L & WILLIAM J RUNCK, DOUGLAS A HANSEN, ELAINE D KOLANDER ETAL, ELMER SALZWEDEL FAMILY TRUST, FREDRICK L DIEMER, GEOFFREY S & LEANN K JOHNSON, GLENN DICKS, JEFFREY & ALISON K STUMPF, JERRY & STEPHANIE DABERKOW TRT, JOEL A & DORENE K POPPE, JOHN R WEDEKING, JOSEPH L KRUGER, JUSTIN D & TAMI J FARMER, KEITH & DENISE NICHOLS, KEITH & PAULINE BURESCH, KELLI DABERKOW, LANCE & RACHEL DABERKOW, LUCILLE ANDERSON, LUCILLE E COOK LIVING TRUST, LYNDEN REDER, MARK & MARLYS RUNGE, MELVIN & INEZ ROSSOW, MICHAEL & DAWN ROSSOW, MICHAEL P SCHULZ ETAL, MILFORD & JANICE GENTZ, MILFORD GENTZ, MYRON PIGMAN, NANCY COOK, NEIL HANSEN, PHILIP B PAULSON, RAY STEVENS, REINHOLD & LOIS DABERKOW, REINHOLD DABERKOW, ROBERTA ROESNER, RODNEY C PETERSON CREDIT TRUST, RONALD KOLANDER, RUTH KOLANDER, SANDRA PAULSON, THEODORE BRETZMAN, TIMOTHY & WENDALYN TUNGLAND, TIMOTHY J DABERKOW, TOD K QUIRING, STATE OF MINNESOTA, JACKSON HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, HERON LAKE TOWNSHIP

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