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December 26, 2012

Cottonwood and Jackson Counties
COTTONWOOD COUNTY WIC Clinics are held Monday-Friday at Cottonwood-Jackson CHS office at 235 9th St, Windom, 9AM-4PM. Appointments can be made by calling 507-831-1987. Child Teen Check-up Clinic. Call for an appointment at 1-800-247-1401 or 831-1987. Immunizations are available by appointment for children based on eligibility by calling 831-1987 or 800-237-1401. JACKSON COUNTY WIC clinic held at Jackson County Government Center East, door #3, at 402 White St. Child & Teen Check-up clinic held at Jackson County Government Center, Community Health Clinic Room, 402 White Street, Jackson. For an appointment, call 507-847-2366. Immunizations are available by appointment for children based on eligibility by calling 847-2366 or 800-622-5207. Stress prevention tips When holiday stress is added to everyday stress it’s easy to take it out on your kids. Put the following tips into action to make the holiday season more enjoyable for the entire family. • Keep Kids On Schedule: Meals, naps and bedtime should occur at approximately the same time each day. • Involve Your Child in Holiday Preparations: Encourage your children to help with shopping, baking and gift wrapping. As kids help with holiday activities, they learn how to carry on family traditions. • Resist Feeling Guilty: Try not to feel guilty if you are unable to meet the commercial demands of the holidays. Spending beyond your means will only increase stress when the credit card bills come. Take advantage of free events. • Share Yourself with Your Kids: You may not be able to give your kids all the material things they want, but you can give of yourself. Plan a special activity for just you and your children. • Set Rules and Stick to Them: Discuss rules with your children and seek their input. Keep rules simple and few in number. • Preparing for New Experiences: Children may feel stress during new activities and may express their fears through anger or misbehavior. Talk with your child beforehand about visiting Santa, attending a party, or relatives coming to visit. • Reinforce Good Behavior: Children need praise to learn appropriate behavior, so “catch” your children being good as often as possible. Give verbal praise, hugs, and lots of kisses. • Know What to Expect from Your Child: Learn about child development-what children are typically capable of at each stage of growth-so that your expectations for behavior are appropriate. Unrealistic expectations cause stress for you and your children. • When You Feel Stressed, Take Time Out: Put the child in a safe place such as a crib, playpen or childproof room. Count to ten. Take deep breaths. • Take Care of Yourself: Pat attention to your own needs. Everyone functions better with adequate sleep, food and recreation. Take time to do something just for you.

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